hey, Keke!

A word of warning: some style and flat/shaded examples appear throughout for you to peruse. Some of them are NSFW, so browse at your own risk! S'just titties, though. I prefer to work with female or feminine presenting characters, though eventually I would like to branch out and expand my skill set. For now, I'm happy drawing pinups... and sometimes, funny Discord/Twitch emotes. I'm fond of booties, as y'all will see!If you would like to discuss commissioning me or to claim a YCH prior to filling out the form, please DM me on Discord @ Keke#5555.
I look forward to collaborating with you!
My commission status indicator is here: OPEN.

Art - Pricing and Gallery

Quick Price Guide
Half Body with Flat Colors: $25
Half Body with Shading: $35
Full Body with Flat colors: $40
Full Body with Shading: $50
Note: All YCH are with shading.
Multiple characters are ok, but each additional character is +100%
(example: two full body, full shading = $100).
MYO Arkaines - Please be prepared to show proof of your approved application.
On Base with Flat colors: $30
Off Base with Flat colors: $50
* Add Ons may be extra and can be discussed.
Please confirm the commission with me on Discord prior to submitting a form on the contact page.


Please be sure to contact me on Discord (Keke #5555) and confirm your commission prior to filling out this form.If I have not confirmed with you (and you will know because I will direct you to fill out the form!), please do not fill out the form.If you have been directed to do so, pease fill out the form located right here.

Terms of Service

I have a consistent six-step process and show multiple stages for each as I draw. Please click (NSFW) here for a visual explanation.1. Big/small edits can only be made during the sketching stage; however, if there is noticeably something big/important to the character that I missed, I will absolutely edit the line art to accommodate.2. Unused poses from the sketch phase may or may not end up being used in future commissions or sold as YCH poses.3. I will draw characters of any age, but absolutely will not draw underage characters in NSFW art.4. Payment is made in advance of the artwork being started; however, money is not spent or moved until work is complete. This is important to me to adhere to, and I endeavor to keep this vow.5. Refunds, while not guaranteed, correlate only with how far along I am in the process, at roughly 20% per phase--excluding the sketch phase.
Example: If I have completed work up to color blocking (see linked image above), then only Shading and Detailing remain. If you wish to cancel, you will receive a 40% refund.
6. I reserve the right to use my artwork in my galleries. If you wish to remain anonymous, I will gladly accommodate--please let me know a character name to use in place of your identity.

About Me

Kelsey, Keke, Lou, Louie - she/her/they/them
Discord: Keke #5555
RP RepositoryTwitterDeviantART

Note: Triggers related to non-descriptive abuse may follow.I really like getting to know artists and people that I work with, so I thought this little section could provide a little insight as to who I am as an individual as well as an artist.More information to come soon.